Mondrian 3.0


Mondrian 3.0
Jan 2021

Equilibrium - 1 of 1 Edition

Mondrian 3.0 is a nod to the Dutch pioneer of 20 th century abstract

art. But whereas the father of Modernism limited his visual
vocabulary to three primary colours, artist Yanis, has set aside any
such formalism in his palette.

These figurative works celebrate the human form in a story of
playful, almost whimsical tints and tones. There is a machine-like
structure of geodesic layers in every image. On one level, they are
very traditional, very materialist in their philosophical vision. This
world is the human body, the Greek-like limbless torso, the Roman
bust-like head. But they are woven from a curious, macro-lens
observation of weird and fantastical organic shapes that the
ancient world of artists and sculptors would never have

From the dramatic spikes of ice crystals to the microscopic view of
almost cellular detail, which is abstraction, and which is flesh and
bone? The artist keeps us guessing. After all, if we look at the real
world close enough it becomes abstract and if we look at the
abstract, it eventually devolves into what is quite natural.
If Yanis offers more questions than answers then so be it. In this
beautiful collection, we are invited to consider the unfathomable,
because life does not provide all the answers. We are only human –
after all.