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Mondrian 3.0
Rare Digital Art collection.

French artist, Yanis Georges has put the finishing touches
to his latest Portrait Series, Mondrian 3.0.

mondrian 3.0 collection

We're only human after all...

mondrian 3.0

A nod to the father
of Modernism...

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About the artist

Yanis Georges

The Future is Bright and Geodesic in These Pearlescent Graphics.

An ostentatious style paired with exquisite detail runs through a series of variegated, graphic renderings. From Yanis Georges, the pieces evoke an artistic interpretation of the world wide web while incorporating sleek geodesic layers and classic visuals of pearl necklaces slipping through fingers. All in all, his generated designs paint a vision of the future that makes a nod to artificiality but appears effortlessly graceful [...]

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